Client: Rogers    Project: SPORTSNET   Agency: artform*
The inspiration for the art direction came largely from the science-fiction film, Tron: Legacy where combatants compete in a network of futuristic arenas. The vision was to recreate a futuristic sporting arena, dark and foreboding  Glowing edges, angular geometry and even the colour palette were referenced throughout the design process. 
One hero image spanning over 20' was the basis for the majority of the backlit wall panels. This graphic was achieved by layering various textures and vector shapes in Photoshop. The dramatic forced perspective created the illusion of depth in an otherwise rather shallow studio.  
Floating Acrylic
Fictionalized sports statistics, technical schematics and fictional graphs were created in Adobe Illustrator. The vector artwork was then carefully CNC carved into clear acrylic panels and edge lit with LED strip lighting.
3D Wall Installation
Using a combination of 2D (Adobe Illustrator) and 3D (Rhinoceros) tools, vector artwork was created to guide CNC fabrication of this art feature. MDF panels were cut, painted and then carefully reassembled onsite.

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