The Agenda is a Canadian current events talk show analyzing social, political, cultural and economic topics. Originally launched in 2006, the studio and brand as a whole was in need of a modern update. This gave us an opportunity to approach the project holistically from the ground up. The redesign of the logo, built around a customized letter A, became a vital component to both the brand and studio environment.

PROJECT The Agenda
AGENCY artform*
The Anchor icon is a strong graphic element that can be used to support The Agenda brand. It represents an abbreviation of The Agenda name and can be used on its own for various applications. In time, viewers will recognize the Anchor as an integral component of The Agenda brand. As environmental graphic, it can be scaled to large sizes to create dynamic spaces. In broadcast applications it can be used as a strong compositional element, adding colour and contrast to motion graphics and transitions. It can also be used as a container for imagery or video related to the show’s current topics. The Anchor is the wild card – an opportunity to inject new life into the brand and keep the audience captivated. 

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